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21 Aug 2019

UNIPORT Student calls out management after been asked to repeat level

A student of the University of Port Harcourt, UNIPORT, has called out the management of the school over what she considers as total negligence as she is asked to repeat a class.

According to her, the school has forced some students of a certain department to repeat their class over an alleged incompetence at the school’s information centre.

Thinking about my life right now. This is what UNIPORT has reduced myself n so many other students to. Paying school fees,buying books,attending classes evr day and writing exams at the end only to be told to withdraw n repeat d same level again.
This is the highest level of wickedness and greed from the entire school board on her students! And all these isn’t happening becos we deserve it but the schools information center isn’t strong n efficient enough! But why do we have to suffer for this?
M calling out to all UNIPORT STUDENTS on twitter n any other platform that can carry this to speak up. They have succeeded in shutting us up but this is ABSURD in every way. I am a 300l student of uniport..I have repeated once n m being asked to repeat again!
All I want is to finish my year in school with good grades n experience but so far it has been a bitter one. @uniportshould consider parents n students when taking decisions! What is the school without her students! #frustrateduniportstudent #uniport

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